Mouse finding violates known laws of heredity

Science & Technology at Scientific Mouse Finding Violates Laws of Heredity
In experiments with mutant mice, Minoo Rassoulzadegan of Inserm in France proved that in the case of a trait regulating the coloring of fur on toes and tail of mice, the coloration did not conform to mendelian laws of heredity. It seems that the mutant mice’ RNA, which the mice bear unusual levels of, played a role in bringing out the recessive white patch fur trait in mice which had two copies of the dominant brown fur trait.
Exactly how the RNA is doing this remains a mystery, but it does put a challenge to the current prevailing theory that DNA is the sole final arbiter of heredity from a molecular point of view.

Neat Google Tools

I can see why Microsoft fears and loathes Google so much.
It’s because that they have been quietly building a suite of browser applications that, while not perfect, could definitely keep Bill Gates’ minions up at night. (I am sure that Gates sleeps soundly).
Liz turned me onto Google Calendar.
Many of you have probably already seen Google Earth, or use Google Maps.
Today, I discovered a notes program called Google Notebook. Its not ready for prime time and thus is on their “labs page”.
Such unfettered creativity is definitely a threat to Microsoft’s hegemony.

Al Gore’s Global Warming Movie and the Reaction to It

Think Progress Exxon-Backed Pundit Compares Gore To Nazi Propagandist
Via a couple of places, Sterling Burnett has a scintillating, fact-only response to Al Gore’s Global Warming documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.
Okay, its odious character assassination. Comparing Al Gore’s advocacy of the problem of global climate change to Joseph Goebbels’ support of the Nazi regime? Now I just want to see (and thus support) the movie all the more. Sure, Burnett has the right to say his opinion, as devoid of facts as it is. And I am entitled to my opinion that he is an corporate shill and an arsehole who attacks Al Gore on anything but the merits of his argument.
The movie comes out in Minneapolis on June 9th.

Coal Miner’s Grandson

Liz has an excellent entryon Coal Mining, OSHA, and how it ties into her own family history.
My grandfather was a coal miner, too, in Wilkes Barre, Pa. My mother IS a coal miner’s daughter.
Now, in the somber light of a day where I am down and depressed, I realize just how, if things had turned out different, my grandfather might have been claimed by a tragedy much like the horrible ones in coal mines recently.
And with that…its possible that my mother, and thus myself, would not even exist today.

More Photos

More photos, this time from Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park.
I had no idea, before I moved to Minnesota, just how turbulent the Mississippi is up here. Most people’s view of the Mighty Mississippi is the big, wide, placid river down by St. Louis and New Orleans. Up here in Minnesota, its a different beast.
A sample, and link to the photos in the extended entry.

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