And the Giants reach 8-8

I’ve been avoiding talking about the Giants, ever since their 6-2 season went really south. They’ve limped to 8-8 in Tiki’s last regular-season game, and yet again, the Giants nearly gave this game away. If not for Tiki’s two long touchdown runs, they would have.
Its very unlikely that they will miss the playoffs, the combination of events needed for the Packers in their stead are unlikely at best.
But I love playoff scenarios. In order for the Giants not to get their playoff spot:
Packers clinch strength of victory tiebreaker over NY Giants if all of the following occur:
ARI win, DET win, MIA win, MIN win, SF win, CAR loss, HOU loss, TB loss.
If Green Bay and NY Giants end up tied in strength of victory, then tie will be decided by best strength of schedule.

It could happen and weirder things have happened in the NFL. Heck, in an episode of the show “Coach” (the last season, I believe), Coach’s NFL team unexpectedly made the playoffs on the last day of the season because of a series of improbable victories and upsets.

Saddam is dead

And all I have to say is to quote a wise character:
“Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. For even the very wise cannot see all ends.”

US Military considers foreign recruits

A U.S. military ‘at its breaking point’ considers foreign recruits – Americas – International Herald Tribune
Does no one read the history of the Roman empire anymore? This is a really bad idea, especially when the new legions decide that the President can be made or unmade in places other than the ballot box. Its a policy of grasping at straws and for that reason alone it is dangerous.

Another step toward Gattaca

NPR had a story yesterday about the growing practice of PGD, preimplantaion genetic diagnosis. That is, screening potential embryos before implantation, for disease. The story covers the controversy fairly well, especially the ethical thicket of thorns this practice raises.
Have you ever seen the movie Gattaca? In that movie, techniques like PGD have become so prevalent that those born without its benefit are a new underclass–not on race or gender, but on genetics.

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan died 10 years ago, today.
Back in 1980, a little show Sagan hosted called Cosmos captured my imagination and began a love affair of mine with science, from astronomy to zoology.
I’ve loved his books, and the unflinching light he held up to the darkness, and he is very sorely missed.