“Dave” and “Aladdin” as parallels to the modern administration

Have you ever seen Dave,, starring Kevin Kline and Frank Langella, where Kline plays a temp agency manager who is gulled into impersonating a sick president, so that Langella’s chief of staff can run the country behind his back.
All the talk lately about how autonomous and autocratic Dick Cheney has been in this administration’s White House reminds me strongly of that movie. If you have been paying attention to the news lately, it seems that Cheney seems to have done what he wants, when he wants, and has had the president’s ear on every major decision. Really, Bush is much more of a figurehead, it seems, than anyone realizes. A Buffoon in Chief.
Or, perhaps, to riff on Aladdin, Bush is the Sultan and Cheney is the Vizier.
The only problem is, unlike these two movies, Bush doesn’t have the will that Dave does to stand up to Cheney, and we don’t have an Aladdin to make Cheney suffer the consequences of his power grab. We just have a cowed, apathetic American Public which is more interested in Paris Hilton’s visit to the LA Penal System.

Paying more for Pizza

Have you noticed increased prices for pizza lately? You’re not going crazy.
The culprit is cheese. In January 2006, block cheese cost $1.20 on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Now, 18 months later, that price has increased 75 percent, to $2.10.
And why has cheese gone up so much in price? Simple. Grain prices have skyrocketed as lots of grain has been converted to ethanol rather than being sold as feed or as food.