Hear me ask Garrison Keillor a Question on the radio

I went to the Minnesota State Fair today.
One of the highlights was watching a live interview with Garrison Keillor, the creator of “A Prairie Home Companion”. I asked Garrison a question…and you can hear it for yourself.
My question was early in the show (I knew what I wanted to ask and flagged down one of the staffers as soon as the show started). Its at just after the 9 minute mark.
I got a CD of Lake Wobegon stories for my trouble, and after the show, he was good enough to autograph it for me.
I sound like *such* a dork on the radio.

The Children’s Story by James Clavell

I came across a link to ten dystopian novels listed in the Guardianand came across an odd entry:
9. The Children’s Story by James Clavell
I’m ashamed to say that I borrowed this book from my school library when I was nine and never returned it. In my defence, it’s one of the most chilling books I’ve ever read. Set in a classroom, it shows how susceptible young minds are, how vulnerable, how easy to control. In a few short pages (and just 25 minutes), a silky voiced teacher succeeds in brainwashing a classroom of children, turning them against their country, against their parents, against basic freedoms. As the book’s blurb says, The Children’s Story is not just for children…
So I went googling for it, and found an online version of it. I suspect its in the Public Domain, so here is the entirety of the story.

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Hole in the Universe

SPACE.com — Huge Hole Found in the Universe
Huge Hole Found in the Universe
The universe has a huge hole in it that dwarfs anything else of its kind. The discovery caught astronomers by surprise.
The hole is nearly a billion light-years across. It is not a black hole, which is a small sphere of densely packed matter. Rather, this one is mostly devoid of stars, gas and other normal matter, and it’s also strangely empty of the mysterious “dark matter” that permeates the cosmos. Other space voids have been found before, but nothing on this scale.
It contradicts the idea that the universe is roughly similar in all directions, given the scale of this anomaly.