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As Ken McLeod says…WTF IS going on with our country?
For a Congressman to say this:

“I want to apologize to my colleagues — many of whom I have offended — to the president and his family and to the troops,” Stark said. He added that he hoped the apology would allow him to “become as insignificant as I should be” as the House moves forward on critical, divisive issues.

Heck, even I wouldn’t abase myself that far. Not if I was a Congressman and a fairly powerful one at that. It’s as if he is abasing himself before an Emperor.
The You tube video of his apology reminds me nothing so much as the Prisoner episode “A Change of Mind”.

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Prim Perfect in the News

I’ve mentioned in this space that I was a guest blogger for my friend Mel’s online magazine about Second Life, Prim Perfect.
Well…she has persuaded me to continue to post articles from my adventures in SL. And in keeping with that, interesting articles and the like from PP will be mentioned here.
For instance, the creatrix of Prim Perfect was recently interviewed by the Daily Telegraph.
It’s gratifying that my friends hard work is being recognized.

Fencing Lesson in an SF Novel

Roberson’s Interminable Ramble: Free Fiction Friday: A Fencing Lesson
Chris Roberson, who has written a few books (including Paragea, which I reviewed and loved) has been excerpting chapters from a “backstory” novel involving one of the main characters from Paragaea, called Set the Seas on Fire.
I’ve browsed STSOF when it was available freely electronically, as a prep to reading Paragaea. I am linking to this excerpt because of the things Chris does in this chapter.
He shows how a fencing lesson might really go…and I think its invaluable to RPGers for that reason alone. Enjoy.