The Odiousness of Walmart

Obsidian Wings: Read It And Weep
A collision with a semi-trailer truck seven years ago left 52-year-old Deborah Shank permanently brain-damaged and in a wheelchair. Her husband, Jim, and three sons found a small source of solace: a $700,000 accident settlement from the trucking company involved. After legal fees and other expenses, the remaining $417,000 was put in a special trust. It was to be used for Mrs. Shank’s care.
Instead, all of it is now slated to go to Mrs. Shank’s former employer, Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
Two years ago, the retail giant’s health plan sued the Shanks for the $470,000 it had spent on her medical care. A federal judge ruled last year in Wal-Mart’s favor, backed by an appeals-court decision in August. Now, her family has to rely on Medicaid and Mrs. Shank’s social-security payments to keep up her round-the-clock care.

If I wasn’t already not shopping at Walmart, this story would cause me to stop.

Plot Your Own Horror: Craven House Horrors

Back in the 80’s, there was a line of choose your own adventure books called “Plot your own horror series”. I had a couple of these and remember them vividly.
I found a couple used, recently and decided to map out the choices. This is especially easy since, unlike the normal Choose your own adventure books, these had no tangling branches.
So I set to mapping out Craven House Horrors:

Craven House Horrors
Its really only visible in the largest size (click on it for a link)
There are 29 endings in the book.
10 lead to unambiguous escape.
1 leads to an escape of sorts
The remaining 18 are deadly…ranging from being bitten by a poisonous snake, to being locked in a freezer, to being turned into a statue.