I know Pournelle’s views had turned hideous, but Niven, too?

Although I’ve (mostly) enjoyed their writings over the years, I know that the political views of Jerry Pournelle have never quite aligned with mine own. I can accept that. I did think that inserting politics and a screed against the IRS in “The Burning City” made it a much weaker book IMO.
However, I thought Niven was more immune to odious beliefs. I am wrong:

Niven said a good way to help hospitals stem financial losses is to spread rumors in Spanish within the Latino community that emergency rooms are killing patients in order to harvest their organs for transplants.
“The problem [of hospitals going broke] is hugely exaggerated by illegal aliens who aren’t going to pay for anything anyway,” Niven said.
“Do you know how politically incorrect you are?” Pournelle asked.
“I know it may not be possible to use this solution, but it does work,” Niven replied.

Call me naive, but this troubles me…

Citizenship Checks Upset Wash. Ferry Passengers : NPR
The U.S. Border Patrol has started doing spot checks on ferries coming from Washington state’s San Juan Islands. These are domestic ferry routes, completely inside the borders of Washington state.
Doesn’t this sound like to you “Citizen, where are you bound?” or, even worse “Citizen, your papers, please?”
I understand the necessity and realities of border security, but its a horrible, Unamerican precedent.


Grand Theft Auto, Live (Almost) from Liberty City : NPR
Listened to a couple of stories on NPR yesterday about the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. I had no idea that the game was apparently so rich in satire. The game even equally skewers Fox News (as Weasel News) and Public Radio (you can listen to Liberty City’s public radio station when you steal a car).
I’m still not that tempted to play the game, but the fact that the game has this level of sophistication does amuse me.