And McCain’s VP choice is…

John McCain’s pick for VP is none other than Michael Palin. Excellent! As much as I like Monty Python, I think his travelogues show a world experience necessary in a…
Oh. *Sarah Palin*, not Michael Palin. From the State of Alaska.
Well,well,well. Second Female VP choice, first from the Republicans. We now, in terms of area, have VP choices on either side from the smallest state, and the largest state.
In football terms, Sen. McCain is trying to throw a flea flicker here. Will it work? I have no idea.

I am PrinceJvstin even more than Jvstin…?

Googling “Jvstin” (my nom de plume on the Internet since there WAS an internet, brings up all sorts of characters besides me.
However, “PrinceJvstin” reliably and always brings up things relating to yours truly.
So Why Jvstin? And why PrinceJvstin?
I’ve answered this question before, but it amuses me to answer it again, especially for those in the studio audience not aware of the answers.
I was unfortunately not given a middle name. My older brother got one via the sacramental process in the Catholic church. By the time I was born, my Mother and Father had a lot less interest in having me go through the rigamarole. Why this is, perhaps my older brother can tell me.
Anyway, I’ve always wanted a middle name. I even created one in junior high. It was an ill chosen name that got me teased for the poor choice. (it was Douglas, okay, leading to taunts of “Dougie Fresh”).
So, Douglas would never be my middle name. When I was older, I came up with the idea that, unofficially (because to change it legally would be a pain), that my middle name would be Justin. Why *Justin*? Romanophilia, of course.
My first RPG character of any stripe was named “Justin of Aragorn”.
Anyway, when webpages and the internet took off, I wanted something other than my raw name to call myself out here. Justin itself was too common (I did actually have it on AOL as a s/n, but lost it). Furthering its romanization, I changed a u to a roman v, and Jvstin was born.
Over the years, though, other people have had the name idea of changing the u to a v…so, when I joined LJ, I decided to tack on the prince. Arref may think I am a prince amongst men, but the reason why I picked prince was a tip of the hat to my favorite literary universe: The Chronicles of amber.
And thus, PrinceJvstin.

Minnesota Zoo Dolphin Show on hold

MPR: Dolphin at Minnesota Zoo is pregnant; dolphin show on hold
The Minnesota Zoo has temporarily canceled its popular dolphin show because one of the dolphins is pregnant and another has been having behavior problems.
The zoo brought in two female dolphins in January, hoping to breed them with the zoo’s only male dolphin, Semo.
One of the females, named Allie, is now pregnant and due next spring. The other female, April, is not pregnant but is seemingly acting as though she is.
The dolphin show, I have to admit, is one of the best things about the Minnesota Zoo. For those who have never been here, a lot of the zoo (including the aquarium area) is indoors (or accessible by the monorail) to make it more of a four season zoo in chilly winter.

Movie Review 2008 #69: The Faculty

A little horror movie set in the frightening world of high school, with some pre-stardom roles for Famke Janssen, Elijah Wood, Jon Stewart, and Josh Hartnett amongst others.

With a decent cast, the movie takes a familiar Body Snatchers plotline and makes it a a good and fun popcorn movie. Only a set of outcast students at the school start to guess what is going on, as the discovery of a strange organism on campus progresses to a full on horror movie as converted students and teachers start taking over everyone.
There is a lot of derivative scenes and ideas in the movie, from obvious “twists” to scenes practically lifted from previous movies of this type. You probably could run a drinking game based on this movie and get yourself hammered easily.
Still, even with that, with good actors, a lot of sins can be forgiven, and I do. I was entertained by the film. If you like (teenage) horror movies, the Faculty is certainly better than many of the paint-by-numbers “Scary Movie N” movies that seem to dominate the genre these days. There is an actual plot and characters rather than a clotheslines for pop culture references.
I enjoyed it.
And who wouldn’t have wanted Jon Stewart as their HS Science teacher, eh?