Flooding River I

Flooding River
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You probably heard in the news about the Red River flooding near Fargo and Morehead in NW Minnesota.

The Mississippi River, though, has also been flooding, as you can see in this photo I took. I am standing in Indian Mounds Park, in East St. Paul. As you can see from the photo, the airport (which lay across the river from where I am standing) is partially flooded, and would be even more flooded if not for the flood walls (the white structure) erected for the purpose of containing the flood.

Audio recording of movies and programs

Over on Space 1970 (a blog about 70’s SF shows and movies) is a blog post about “Vinyl Movies”.
When Star Wars came along and surprised everyone with its incredible mainstream popularity, Lucas, Fox and hundreds of licensors scrambled to create new products that they could sell to Wars-hungry masses while said masses waited impatiently for the sequel. Among those new products was The Story of Star Wars – a long-playing record album that contained an abridged version of the film story, composed of dialogue, sound effects and music from the movie soundtrack, with additional narration (by actor Roscoe Lee Browne, who had played “Box” in Logan’s Run) to smooth out the audio narrative.
I fondly remember doing this for something else, in the age before videocassettes. When Cosmos came on PBS back around that time, my family did not have a (then expensive) VCR. I DID have an audio cassette player/recorder.
I remember recording at least one Cosmos episode (and I filled in the title with my own voice) by doing this, so I could listen to the episode in the future.

Cosmic dust Imagery

Over on the ESA site has some new imagery of the cosmic dust in our stellar neighborhood, courtesy of the telescope on the Planck satellite.
The image shows the filamentary structure of dust in the solar neighbourhood – within about 500 light-years of the Sun. The local filaments are connected to the Milky Way, which is the pink horizontal feature near the bottom of the image. Here, the emission is coming from much further away, across the disc of our Galaxy.
The image has been colour coded to discern different temperatures of dust. White-pink tones show dust of a few tens of degrees above absolute zero, whereas the deeper colours are dust at around -261°C, only about 12 degrees above absolute zero. The warmer dust is concentrated into the plane of the Galaxy whereas the dust suspended above and below is cooler.

Its a very, very interesting image. Even more interesting is that this image illustrates that the “cosmic void” between solar systems in our part of the galaxy is far more complex than we once thought.

The consequences of the Wolf Pen vandalism

You may have heard the story (I don’t know if it went National) about the vandalism of a mexican gray wolf pen at the Wildlife Science Center in Forest Lake. Someone pried open the enclosure. The alpha female, “Medium Toast” escaped, leading to a merry chase that led from Forest Lake into the main Metro area before she was caught.
Now the consequences of that act of vandalism are clear–her return has led to her sisters rejecting her as leader. She was stressed, emaciate and weak from her excursion, and her sisters have displaced and rejected her so thoroughly, she is being moved somewhere else.
I hope the person who opened the enclosure in their misguided effort to “free” the wolves are happy about what they have done. These wolves, an endangered species,are not suited at this time to living in the wild–ESPECIALLY a metro area. I have no idea what the person responsible was thinking. This was not good for the wolf at all.

MPR Question: What Relic would you like to see?

Every day, MPR asks its listeners a Question that people can respond to via text message, or via a comment on the question’s page. They usually later read, on the air, some of the responses. I thought yesterday’s question was intriguing enough to post about here after the fact:

What relic, from all of history, would you most like to see?
The Science Museum of Minnesota opened its exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls over the weekend. Other recent exhibits have featured artifacts from the Titanic and Pompeii. Today’s Question: What relic, from all of history, would you most like to see?

I said that I would like to see the City of Pompeii and the artifacts therein, but some of the answers from others have an almost Doctor Who like quality (e.g. the Ten Commandments; the Library of Alexandria)
So what do YOU think?