Picture of the Day: Minnesota North Woods

Minnesota North Woods
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And so my pictures from Ely begin.

First off, let’s start with a carpet of green, Minnesota style. No, not a large lawn, but the seemingly endless forests of Northern Minnesota. This view is from a hill at Soudan Underground Mine State Park, in Soudan, Minnesota…about 30 miles west of where we were camping.

As you can see, the forest does go on as far as the eye can see.

Picture of the Day: Stormy Weather

Stormy road view
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I am still working on my pictures from my trip to the Northwoods of Minnesota. In the meantime, here is something different…a dramatic stormy view off of I-90 in South Dakota. The storm is approaching, the sun is shining behind me (see the shadow of my car and me?) and you can almost smell the rain coming.

Sometimes weather changes make for the best and most interesting photographs, don’t you think?