Books Read and Reviewed to Date, Oct 30 2010

Italicized books are ones I received books from the author, or review copies.
33. Template, Matthew Hughes
32. The Spiral Labyrinth, Matthew Hughes
31. Transition, Iain Banks
30, Palimpsest (audiobook), Catherynne Valente
29. Prospero in Hell, L Jagi Lamplighter
28. Hull Zero Three, Greg Bear
27. Sheet Music
, Tibby Armstrong
26. The Mermaid’s Madness, Jim Hines
25. Trade of Queens, Charles Stross
24. Lucky 13, Sommer Marsden
23. Got a Minute, Alison Tyler
22. Torn: Erotica Ripped from the Seams, Alison Tyler

21. Empire in Black and Gold, Adrian Tchaikovsky
20. The Dreaming Void, Peter F Hamilton
19. Land of the Burning Sands, Rachel Neumeier
18. Allison’s Wonderland, Alison Tyler
17. Fast Girls, Rachel Kramer Bussel

16. Lord of the Changing Winds, Rachel Neumeier
15. Much Fall of Blood, Eric Flint, Mercedes Lackey, Dave Freer
14. Stories, Edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio
13. Dragon Keeper, Robin Hobb
12. The Dream of Perpetual Motion, Dexter Palmer

11. Star Finder, Poul Anderson
10. The Van Rijn Method, Poul Anderson
9.Starfinder, John Marco
8. The River Kings Road, Liane Merciel

7. The Stepsister Scheme, Jim Hines
6. Prince of Storms, Kay Kenyon
5. Into the Looking Glass, John Ringo
4. The Quiet War, Paul McAuley
3. Servant of a Dark God, John Brown
2. Cursor’s Fury, Jim Butcher
1. The Edge of Physics, Anil Ananthaswamy

Picture of the Day: The Train and Lake Pepin

The Train and Lake Pepin
Originally uploaded by Jvstin

Today’s picture for you uses an interesting foreground element along with nice background scenery.

In the foreground is one of the trains that run along a track that parallels Highway 35 in Southern Wisconsin.

In the middle to far distance is Lake Pepin. Lake Pepin’s status as a lake is sort of a bone of contention. Really, its just a widening of the Mississippi River at this point. Geology enthusiasts will remember that the glacial river that predated the Mississippi River was much wider and larger, and here, the old Miss just gets bogged down in a widening of the channel at this point. Thus, Lake Pepin.

And on the far side of Lake Pepin/Mississippi River is the Minnesota shore.

Picture of the Day: Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock
Originally uploaded by Jvstin

Today’s picture is a well-hidden geological landmark near Hastings, Minnesota.

This is Chimney Rock, an erosional remnant of St. Peter sandstone. Chimney Rock is important geologically because it helps confirm that the last glaciation did not reach this far southeast–for surely it would have been toppled over like a bowling pin by an advancing glacier.

Football: NYG 41 Dal 35
It can’t possibly last.
But the NY Giants managed to knock off the Cowboys last night in Dallas, taking command of the NFC East and making the favored Cowboys 1-5. It couldn’t happen to a worse arch-rival. I had my severe doubts the Giants could actually pull it off. Eli did throw 3 picks and Dallas looked, early, as if they were going to rout the Giants.
Fortunately, the Giants showed resilience and pulled ahead by halftime and never looked back.
Scary as it may sound, both the Giants and the Jest…Jets must be considered among the best NFL teams at this point in the season. The Giants get a well deserved bye this coming week.

Picture of the Day: Winona

On Friday I gave you a view of the city of Red Wing, Minnesota.

Today, to start the new work week, I give you a view of a different city.

This is Winona, which is down the river from Red Wing. In the foreground is Lake Winona. The City sits between the lake and the river (which can be seen clearly in the larger sizes).
I love how the clouds and trees came out reflected in the lake.

Picture of the Day: Red Wing in Monochrome

Red Wing, MN
Originally uploaded by Jvstin

And now the week is over, and to end the week, let’s take a overlook view at one of the beautiful cities in Minnesota–Red Wing. This is a monochromatic view of Red Wing from the heights of Soldier Memorial Park on top of Sorin Bluff. The more famous “Barn Bluff’ which brackets Red Wing is on the right side of the photograph. There is no road up to the top of Barn Bluff, but there is a hiking trail. One of these days, I have to try it to get views from there…