NYG 24 Jacksonville 20

Honestly, I was ready to write another “Arrgh” at halftime…but the Giants
somehow managed a rally and scored late to pull ahead. Mr Boss’ touchdown made up for him screwing up a touchdown in the first half because of a holding call.
I still don’t think the Giants are going anywhere, but the fact that the Eagles and Redskins both lost is a good thing from their playoff perspective. On the other hand, the other Manning brother had one of his worst nights as San Diego spanked the Colts last night.
Next up is another divisional game–the Redskins. It would be nice to rise to the challenge. If the Vikings can beat the Redskins…the Giants should beat them handily too.

If you could meet in person any SF/F author, living or dead, who would it be? And if you could only ask one question of this author, what would it be and why?

John Ottinger at Grasping for the Wind asks:
If you could meet in person any SF/F author, living or dead, who would it be? And if you could only ask one question of this author, what would it be and why?
I’m a shy-with-strangers sort of person, so I haven’t met many authors, SF or otherwise.
But let’s pretend that handicap isn’t there.
So many choices…but for amusement, I will pick the late Isaac Asimov, and I would ask him this, given his prolific writing, both fiction and non fiction:
Is there any subject that you don’t think you could write a book on?

Picture of the day: CRj 900

CRJ 900
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Continuing the travel theme this week, this is a CRJ 900 Jet coming in for a landing at Minneapolis St Paul Airport. I really could have used a better zoom lens to get a better picture, but on the other hand, this does help provide a sense of scale with the building below it.Safe travels!

Picture of the Day: Hiawatha Light Rail

Hiawatha Light Rail train
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This is Thanksgiving week, a week where many people find themselves taking trains, planes and automobiles.

So with that in mind, today’s picture is of Minnesota’s one and only light rail train, the Hiawatha Light Rail train. This train runs from downtown, near the new baseball field, all the way to the Mall of America in Bloomington. Not far away from the latter is where I took this picture.

Fringe like Dream

An intriguing dream last night.
Fringe style, I found myself in an unfamiliar alternate world. Bereft of a car, much to my chagrin, I managed to ride bus lines until I reached home. My extended family’s home, that is. Everyone had been waiting for me, since we were all going somewhere in several cars (Where that was was not clear). It was also clear that in this alternate universe, my mother’s side of the family, including me, all lived together in one large house.
Feigning the need to go to the bathroom, and grabbing a couple of roleplaying games left outside (was the alternate me donating them?), I wandered through this house. I was looking for my own room, but only found a kitchen, a small sitting room, and a bathroom with two cats. One cat was an ordinary black and white, the other though looked like she was made entirely of yarn! Both were friendly and seemed to know me, or the alternate me. I sensed my mother’s impatience and returned outside. My mother made a comment that suggested that the alternate me from this universe could not drive of course, so my mother would.
And then I awoke.