Another Mind Meld wrangled by me–Other cultures in F and SF

Well, I guess John Denardo of SF Signal likes what I do, since another Mind Meld wrangled by me is in the can:
What Civilizations and cultures are neglected as inspirations in Fantasy and Science Fiction?
I received answers from a slew of people ranging from Daniel Abraham to Karen Lord.
Go read it!:

Help NPR choose the top 100 F/SF novels ever written

You probably have seen this on the Internets, but NPR is asking for nominations for best F/SF novels ever written–and you can nominate a series. (you can nominate up to 5 books/series)
My own personal list, that I submitted, looked like this:
Chronicles of Amber, Roger Zelazny
Dune, Frank Herbert
The Dying Earth, Jack Vance
Ringworld, Larry Niven
The Vorkosigan Saga, Lois Bujold
Go nominate your own favorites!

Free ebook of the Month: Georgia on my Mind

Phoenix Press, who puts out a fair assortment of ebooks, generally reduces the price of one of them for a month to the low low price of free.
For the month of June 2011, that book is the award winning Novelette “Georgia on my Mind” by the late Charles Sheffield. A search for a babbage machine, aliens and more! Its a fine story, with plenty of sensawunda.
The coupon code for June is 9992231 and will be effective from June 2 through June 30. Instructions and download link, as usual, at
Phoenix press is also putting the entire collection “Georgia on my Mind and other places” on sale. Those readers interested in getting the complete anthology may use the following codes at the Phoenix Press site to get 50% off:
For Publisher’s Direct EPub use code DIRG50E
For Publisher’s Direct MOBi use code DIRG50M
(Via SF Signal)