Picture of the Day: St. Paul Skyline from Holman Field

Although Minneapolis St Paul International Airport is the most famous and used of the twin cities airports, there are others. Holman field, for instance, sits right across the river from downtown St. Paul. You may have seen pictures in the past where I took pictures of the field, flooded, from Indian Mounds Park.

Here, I am on the tarmac at Holman Field (I did some flying for work on Friday), and took an opportunity to take a picture of the St. Paul Skyline from the runway at the airport. The Cathedral of St. Paul is that building by itself on the left.

Picture of the Day: Gazebo

Gazebo by Jvstin
Gazebo, a photo by Jvstin on Flickr.

Today’s picture for you. The rest of the pictures in this set (an anniversary party for the company I work for) are not likely to interest any of you, but I liked how my picture of the Gazebo at the Country Club came out.

I had no idea what a Gazebo was until, don’t laugh, I encountered one in the text adventure game Zork II…