4th Street Fantasy

Where I’ve been and am this weekend:
It has not been a universally positive experience–my camera has died, unexpectedly and severely.
And of course, there is my introversion and shyness, which has made attending the con a challenge.
I never feel so alone as to be in a room with everyone else chatting, knowing each other, and having fun. And I’m not, because few people could pick me out of a lineup. And I can’t impose on them, either. I’m not the Sun. I’m not even Pluto. I’m no one and no thing.
So, during the panels–listening to the great conversations and discussions is a gigantic plus of 4th Street Fantasy. It’s the time before and after that the experience is less than positive.
And given that introversion, and given that it seems that everyone knows everyone else (or so it seems), people are content to engage with the people they know, and not with a stranger. I DO need people to meet me more than halfway. It’s not entirely fair to say it, but its true. I DO need a little additional effort, and there is no reason on this green earth why anyone has any reason to give that effort.
Maybe if I had my camera working, it would act as an “icebreaker”. You know, Have Camera, will Travel? But my camera has died and I don’t have that either. Pity, there were plenty of photographic moments that I could have and would have loved to share with you all.
Oh well. There are a few more panels today and then the Con will be done.