300 Million guns–a response

Hello all.
I received the following response to my 300 million guns post from Brian Dewhirst.
If gun ownership is correlated with gun violence, and we own ~300M guns, why are there so few gun fatalities? (We own on the order of the same number of cars, and cars are associated with far more fatalities. Vastly more accidental fatalities as compared to accidental gun fatalities.)
What proportion of gun fatalities are older Americans ending their own lives due to debt and/or health situations? (Of the approximately 30,000 annual gun fatalities, what proportion are suicides?)
What proportion of gun fatalities are due to drug prohibition? Of that proportion, how many do you believe would be stopped if the firearms in question were illegal? How many of those firearms used in drug-related shootings were obtained illegally?
What is the psychological profile of a mass-shooting shooter? What measures do psychologists recommend to minimize the frequency of such incidents on account of that profile? Would banning some/all guns/weapons increase or decrease the attractiveness of firearms to such an individual? How likely is it that a ‘ban on all guns’ would result in an Oklahoma-City-style bombing, or bombings, or other acts of terrorism by self-styled ‘patriotic’ domestic terrorists?
Assuming mature 3D printing technology becomes available, how would a total ban on guns be enforced? Which is more important, banning/heavily regulating mature 3D printers, or the improvements in the material existence of ordinary people that said printers might bring (as compared to the numbers of lives which would be saved by said bans/restrictions)?
In what other circumstances do you advocate prohibition? When/where do you believe prohibition has been successful when significant demand for an item exists?
In your opinion, how skilled are police officers with firearms? Are you advocating banning police from owning firearms? How might the behavior of American police officers change were firearms illegal (for civilians)?
What other rights, apart to the right to own firearms, does the second amendment protect? What other consequences might there be to a repeal on the 2nd amendment?

300 million guns–a thought experiment

I heard a figure quoted that there are 300 million firearms extant in the United States.That is, roughly, a gun for every man, woman and child in the United States.
However, as a nation, we are so wrapped up in the Second Amendment and the Myth of the Gun that this basic fact is not examined or faced.
Think about it. We’re awash in these things. Modest proposals to restrict the more devastating firearms are treated as impeachable offenses, or opportunities for the NRA to use Obama’s daughters as political weapons. We’ve gone to more than 11 on the insanity dial.
Think of this. Imagine if we had 300 million broadswords lying around the country. Just think about that. 300 million dangerous sharp objects that are designed to deliver death. Would you want a guard in a school with a broadsword? Would you think teachers should have broadswords to protect their classrooms?
If we take the word gun out and substitute swords, which aren’t as deadly as guns, does that clarify the situation? Do you see the problem with a society that is too permissive with the possession of deadly tools?
But since its guns, people lose their minds. We’ve lost our minds to the point that we do not even recognize that we’ve lost half of the amendment’s words in the current interpretation:
A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
I don’t think that we can come to terms with guns in our society as long as the Second Amendment remains the law of the land. So I still hold to my controversial belief.
“…and further, the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States Must be Repealed”
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Describe me in a word

Via Mary Robinette Kowal
An interviewer just asked me to describe myself in one word and I’m totally blanking on coming up with anything that doesn’t sound horrifically pretentious. Maybe I should just go with pretentious?
So… how would you describe me in one word? And while we’re at it, how would describe yourself?

So…what about me? And what about you?

My 2012 Hugo Nomination Eligibility Post

Yes, as a fan writer and writer in the genre community, I am eligible for *your* nomination for the Hugo awards for Best Fan Writer for 2012.
What have I written that makes me eligible?
I do a lot at SF Signal, from book reviews, interviews, wrangling Mind Melds, participating on the podcast, and my column Roll Perception Plus Awareness:
I also have written plenty of book reviews for The Functional Nerds:
(Both of those sites, by the way are eligible for Best Fanzine)
I am also one of the co-hosts of the Skiffy and Fanty Show:
I’ve written a couple of things here and there elsewhere. Most Notably:
“The Stress of their Regard”, on book reviewing, at Kate Elliott’s blog:
“In Praise of Griffins” at Mhairi Simpson’s Blog

“The Unwritten Stories in My Head” at Mhairi Simpson’s Blog
“The Achilles Heel of Urban Fantasy” at Bastard Books:
I would be honored by you casting a vote for my nomination.