I will be at CONvergence. And on panels, even!

I’m extremely excited.
I was invited by the powers that be to participate at CONvergence this year. I signed up for a slew of panels, and even managed to get on a few.
Where can you find me at CONvergence?
Thursday, July 4
100 Science Fiction Books To Read Before You Die
My fellow panelists are: Michael Levy, Elizabeth Bear, Jody Wurl, Patrick Tomlinson, James Enge.
Friday, July 5
Doctor Who Primer (Description: Paul Weimer)
My fellow panelists are: Christopher Jones, Michael Thomas, Jennifer Kelley and Steve Manfred
Successful and Unsuccessful Alternative History
My fellow panelists are: Will Shetterly, Eleanor Arnason, Naomi Kritzer, and Bob Alberti
Saturday, July 6
Back In My Day… (Description: Paul Weimer)
My fellow panelists are: Rory Ni Coileain, Kevin Horner, David Rust and Kimo Kuppe
So come to one of the panels I am on, or meet me wandering around the convention, camera in hand!

Nostalgic Books

Sarah Chorn, in a Facebook post, asked:
What are some of your most “nostalgic” books?
What I mean is, there are some books I’ve read that I’ll love forever and ever because they just did something profound to me..
I gave this some thought, and came up with a few answers:
The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien.
The Chronicles of Amber, Roger Zelazny
The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury
Foundation, Isaac Asimov
The Warrior’s Apprentice, Lois M Bujold
War for the Oaks, Emma Bull
Jhereg, Steven Brust
Cosmos, Carl Sagan
That’s a short list that will do for now.

Fuck Cancer–Iain Banks reveals he has terminal cancer

Isn’t toying with the life of Jay Lake enough, o God of Cancer? You want another high class SF author as a meat puppet, too?
Good grief. Today sucks.
Disclaimer: I’ve only read two Banks novels, Inversions (which I did not like) and Transitions (which did not blow me away, but had some neat ideas). Clearly I need to read more.