Gone Photographing–Vacation

Hi all.
AS some of you know, I am taking a long trip, starting on 5/24, that will take me to Colorado for the better part of two weeks.
As a result, I’ve been shy in taking requests for book reviews and interviews (yes, you in the back, people do approach me for such things).
When I get back, the second week of June, my usual schedule will resume–and I will hopefully have a boatload of pictures to share!

Flowing Water in Monochrome

Flowing Water in Monochrome by Jvstin
Flowing Water in Monochrome, a photo by Jvstin on Flickr.

Good morning!

With a recent addition of a neutral density filter, I decided to go over to Roseville central park and see if I couldn’t get some nice blurred water. For those who don’t know, a neutral density filter basically darkens the picture. So, this means less light goes into the lens and you need to take longer shutter speeds to get a picture. With a tripod (of course), this is a 1 second exposure of the water.

Why can’t I do this without this filter? Well, if I set my camera to take a 1 second exposure without this lens, in daylight, the picture would be all light and washed out (because all that bright light would be hitting the sensor for a full second). The ND filter, by reducing the light that comes into the camera, lets you take a longer exposure.

I then converted this to black and white. Here’s the result: