The Kodak House

The Kodak House, in Mesa Verde National Park, is not a case of product placement or corporate sponsorship gone awry, thankfully.
The reason why this is called the Kodak House is that camera equipment was stored in one of the rooms by early Mesa Verde investigator Gustaf Nordenskiold. When he first examined the site it had already been severely damaged by treasure hunters, so he just used it as a storage area while investigating more intact nearby locations such as The Long House and Nordenskiold Site #16 (You’ve seen my pictures of the Long House, but I did not have time to hike out to the overlook to see Site 16. Next time!)

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Alluvial Fan Falls

It’s bloody stinking hot here in ‘Mogadishu on the Mississippi’¹, and so the perfect pictures to share in weather like this are waterfalls. I didn’t see many waterfalls on my trip to dry Colorado, but I did come across one in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is Alluvial Fan Falls, which is a remnant and legacy of a terrible flood that hit the park in 1982 thanks to a Dam failure that killed three people. The dam is gone, the lake is diminished, and the debris that flood carried down has created these falls.
Stay cool!
¹’Credit for the phrase Mogadishu on the Mississippi goes to Theodore Beale. In contrast to his view and beliefs, I love the multicultural nature of the Twin Cities. Remember, every time you eat some tasty Doro Wat, Vox Day cries.

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