Climate Change Chaff

So I read this post by John C. Wright about Climate Change, and the hoax thereof.

I call the “counter-evidence” to Climate change “Climate Change Chaff”. It confuses, muddles, and messes up the story, and allows for doubt. While
I think that many people who decry climate change know better, its easy enough to lie with statistics that people can be fooled into thinking
Climate Change is a “liberal plot”.

I don’t know how you counter this, though.

Update: Been doing some reading at NOAA, and came to this:

Confederacy and memorials


This is the Confederate Veterans memorial on the Capitol grounds of Little Rock, Arkansas. I saw this for the first time this summer, when I visited a friend who lived
in the area.
In the wake of the mass shooting and the outcry against the Stars and Bars, I dug out this photo to take a look at it, and to share it with you.

The caption on the left side of the memorial reads:

“Arkansas Commends the faithfulness of its sons and commends their example to future generations”

The right side reads:

“Our furled banner wreathed with glory and though conquered, We adore it. Weep for those
who fell before it. Pardon those who trailed and tore it.”

The memorial was built in 1905.

Look at the symbolism of this memorial even beyond those words. We have a doughty Confederate soldier, wrapped in a Confederate flag. Above him is Nike, the Greek
Goddess of victory, with a laurel crown held over his head, showing that she favors him, that she is anointing him, that she is telling him and the world that he
is chosen, that he has in the end won.

Even more than a Stars and Bars, this memorial helps crystallize for me just how the South sees the Civil War and its results so very differently than the North.

Supernumerary, self abnegation, suicidal tendencies and such


Two new stories today, from the talented Marissa Lingen, got me to thinking about being supernumeary again.

Yes, I know each voice and every person is different and that is value in and of itself.

And yet! I am a white single heterosexual male in my 40’s. Not exactly an underrepresented class in any of the artistic endeavors that I participate in. And I am not even stellar in doing so. (A Hugo nomination for podcasting notwithstanding). The stellar voices–those are okay no matter what they look like, believe or who they are. Average voices like mine from the mayonnaise majority–who needs them?

So, why should I bother? There are women’s voices, POC voices, voices from LBGTQ people. Those voices have been historically undervalued, underrepresented, under seen. White men like myself have gotten more play and still get more play. There are venues which do a good job in balancing things out, but its still a tilted playing field.

Are any of my efforts crowding out *their* efforts? Marissa is getting published, but am I making it slightly harder for equally worthy people to have their work seen, read, enjoyed? People whose work who hasn’t been seen, and should? Diverse voices unjustly not heard?

This all goes to my fear and secret wish–that my withdrawal would make the world a better place (yes, this also goes to suicidal tendencies). The thought that the world would be improved by my absence. That my efforts hinder others.

That it would be better if I not only did not exert my efforts…but that I *never* did. That the Marissa Lingens of the world would have a better time of it without me crowding the field or trying to. Or the Elizabeth May and Dallas Nagata Whites of photography, to give a different example.

As I have said before, if Metatron came to me and said: “I erase you from existence, backwards and forwards, and the world is improved”– I take that deal, no hesitation.

Oh love Oh love to read them.

Oh love oh love just to read them
Writing on the printed page, oh my
Martha Wells , Zelazny, Katherine Elliott
Fantasy would fill my life and I
Love fantasy so much
Did you see in the morning light
I really talked, yes I did, to God’s early dawning light
And I was privileged to be as I am to this day
To read all of you. To read all of you. To read all of you. To read all of you.

With Apologies to Jon Anderson and Vangelis.