Ave Atque Vale, SF Signal

So you have heard the news by now. SF Signal, one of the premier Science Fiction websites, is closing down after twelve years.

I will miss it, not least because I was part of it for its last five years of its run. In April 2011, I stepped out onto the SF Signal stage with a review of THE FALLEN BLADE by Jon Courtnay Grimwood. More
than three hundred reviews, articles, and Mind Melds later, I closed out the Mind Meld feature with the last mind meld, on Weapons in SF/F.. In between, I talked about everything from books to Silk Road Fantasy, to my Roll Perception
Plus Awareness column on roleplaying games in genre.

As Andrea said on her own goodbye post , I Blossomed at SF Signal. Where that portion
of my work will go, I don’t know. In the meantime, I am a co host on Skiffy and Fanty, and a member of SFF Audio. SF Signal may have passed Into the West, but its legacy,
and what I learned there, will live on.

Ave Atque Vale, SF Signal.

Macro Monday: Moss

One of the fun things about the macro lens, like a magnifying glass, in that it produces images of the small, sometimes producing miniature worlds you never suspected existed.

There is a clump of moss on the culvert of the drain right outside my patio door. From afar, its a clump of green. Up close…