Game Dream 3:Is it Me or is it Memorex?

Doc’s Third Game Dream asks us our motivations.
Some people play RPGs to enjoy a viewpoint or way of acting that they just couldn’t do in real life. Others seem to play characters whose motivations are more their own. And some folks do all of the above and everything in between 🙂 What character of yours was most like you “in real life”? Which of your characters is the least like you? Which did you find more fun to play, and why?

I’ve said it before in several other places and milieus. I do have a “Mary Jane” character, a character who is very much like me in temperment and personality.
That would be the Prince Hadrian of DuMarque. While he’s a Trump Artist (and I can’t draw),his personality, his “good guy” nature, and his reactions to things are basically what I would do in a given situation, given his suite of powers. He is currently an NPC in Strange Bedfellows, and makes frequent con appearances–most recently as a PC in Amber DiTullio’s In Her Shoes at TBR.
Hadrian is not me (he’s better looking for one thing) but he comes close.
Most of my PCs have shards and aspects of me, so finding a character who is truly unlike me is pretty hard. I don’t play characters diametrically opposite me, they all contain a seed of me somewhere.
To give some examples–
Lorius is my intellectual character, intelligence made manifest. I don’t have his acid tongue, though.
Marcus is my jack of all trades, representing the fact I have many interests. He also echoes my loyalty to friends and family, as witness his close bond to his sister and his willingness to help cousins at the drop of a hat. He also has my curiosity.
Delwin echoes knowledge, hidden talents, interests in Egypt, the night sky, and, um, given GA, dominant sexuality
Iolaus represents my fish out of water, as witness my sojourn in California, and new residence in Minnesota. Stranger in a Strange Land, but up to the task and the challenges and adventures of same. He also strongly resonates with my Greco-Roman interests.
Scipio is probably the most unlike character I have, in the end. Charming, urbane, sophisticated, witty, and a ladies man. Romantic but promiscuous, a serial monogamist if there ever was one. I wish I was half as charming as he thinks he is.
I do find that I prefer the characters more like me, but sometimes I do want to play something at degrees from my own personality. Sometimes I need the parallax.

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  1. Your characters are then separate aspects of yourself. Very cool, and mostly what I’ve been hearing as a response to this Dream (and have experienced myself).
    While playing a character with diametrically opposed interests can be cathartic, I find the characters that are more “like me” are the ones that I play longer. Perhaps because it’s easier 🙂

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