Game Dream 12: Companions

Doc’s Blog this week tackles companions.

Are henchmen, hirelings, or companions used in your campaign? How are they treated by the player characters? Whose voice do they use?

I’ve already mentioned I don’t do voices that well, so I am going to restrict myself to email games and campaigns.
Companions are everywhere, if you look. My former girlfriend, TGFKAB, mentioned that my game had a “Doctor Who” feel to it. Why? Oftentimes, I will pair a PC with an NPC or two who are companions to the “Doctor”. It just has that sort of dynamic sometimes, in SB, since everyone is all over the map.
Players sometimes bring these Companions to the table–William and his Musketeers, Kennard and his assistant. But othertimes, I will introduce and have assistants for PCs to face the adventures with. Thus, Braem has Tannis by her side…Priya has Ostegos…Alais has Percy (although he is more of a partner than a lower-ranked Companion). I just seem to like the motif and the dynamics.
Other Hirelings and Henchmen in my games include people like Michael, the head of Castle Amber’s Kitchens…and the infamous Lord Henden, the Chamberlain of the Castle. He has had a rough time in nearly every game I’ve had him appear in, ranging from hellhounds to a PC sorcerer giving him grief.
But he is so much fun and he helps give color and contrast to the PCs.

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  1. I didn’t really consider Kip as something I brought in, but I guess I did. You just took the idea and went with it so quickly and effectively that I feel he’s much more your creation than mine. We really built up the relationship between Kip and Kennard between us in a way I hugely enjoyed. And I think giving Kennard someone to bounce off gave the events much more focus and meaning. I mean, Kennard could have just gone and rescued people by himself, but Kip’s presence made it more about responsibility and so on, rather than just an adventure.

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