Game Dream 21: Ultimate Roleplaying

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Doc asks:

“If there existed a system such as Larry Niven’s Dream Park, where a game could be populated by people, holograms, and assorted other technological feats to improve player immersion, would you prefer it to pen and paper RPGing? Would having the entire world visible improve the game for you, or rob it of some of its magic?”

I agree with Arref on this one. It would take a far greater technology than we have or will have in the future to reproduce the places I’ve been.
Its why, for so many years, games from Infocom beat the pants off of RPGs that used graphics. Because imagination was far more powerful than anything 640k of memory can make…or a thousand times that.
Would I visit such a place? Sure, who wouldn’t want to go to Dream Park? But replace RPGing in a face to face or imaginative mode? No, I don’t see it happening. Or at least, it wouldn’t for me.

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  1. As a long time player of EQ, and recently moved to DAoC,(Where I have to push the pram alot),I would have to say that I was rather amazed at how quickly I changed my opinion. Like my Bro, I cut my teeth on Infocom and the Gold Box Ad+d series. But computer roleplaying has come along way since then. I had read Ringworld and I saw what it looked like, in my imagination. But to play Halo and actually see, on screen what a RingWorld would be like was pretty amazing.
    Entering the computer-generated city of Camelot the first time was breathtaking. Or seeing the Hiberian city of Tir na Nog with it’s Minnerettes is impressive.
    As for a roleplay system, a Computer can’t be beat. No system, not even Harn can handle anywhere near all the complexities of the current batch of Mmorpg’s
    So we come down to Adventures and Game Play. Yes pen-and-paper still edges out, but hot on it’s heels are things like “Dungeon Instancing” Where you get a group of players from online and you get a tailor-made dungeon that your group alone can explore. DAoC has solo quests for low levels, group quests for mid levels and of course high-end Guild raid quests. And of course there is Guilds with dozens to hundreds of members.
    So will it ever replace? No of course not. But the question is “would you prefer”. And on that I would have to say yes. I roleplay once a week, if I am lucky. Closer to twice a month is the average. But almost anytime, night or day I can log onto DAoC, run around kill things, loot and sell and play with others. The World looks great and the next generations will only get better.

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