IMC: LIbrary of Rebma

House of Cards GM Log: IMC: The Library of Rebma
Ginger talks about library resources in Rebma, with an emphasis on oral traditions, rather than a written one.
SB does it a bit differently.

It’s an influence from having done a Rebman Trump Artist, but I’ve bluffed and waved hands to allow Rebmans to have written materials in the City Under the Sea.
I don’t know if I mentioned it here in my Blog or elsewhere, but the Rebmans often turn toward more durable materials than paper for things official. Passes of authority and writs, for example, are often magically engraved on rust proof metals (especially precious metals) and used in that fashion. There are a few texts in Rebma which are engraved on metal in this way, and some really old texts which are actually chiseled in stone, Hammurabi-tablet style.
As far as those paper scrolls, sorcerers in Rebma impregnate paper with waterproofing agents, and use inks that will work. In this way, one can manage to make a Trump in Rebma, if one has access to the right materials…
With all that said, though, people do tend to memorize things as much as possible. Memory palaces and the like are common in the City Under the Sea.