Ire #10: Oscar Nominations

Oscar Nominations.
Our 10th IRE has to do with the recent Academy Award Nominations. Glamour. Glitz. Stars. Awards. Campaigns for Awards. The usual madness

So many ways one can go with this. Let’s use Nobilis as our base for a change, even if I have not actually (yet) run a scenario in same.
The Player characters are invited to visit by the Familias of a powerful allied chancel which is hosting festivities and celebrations. An invitation they dare not refuse…
Highlighted by the Powers of Media and Fashion, the allied chancel has turned their place upside down with parties, galas and events. The PCs will be swept into these, and will wind up surprised when their names wind up on lists for awards of no real value, but everyone in the chancel, Nobilis and ordinary alike, seem to cheer them for.
It’s a lighthearted game for a change. No Lord Entropy or Excrucians, but a sense of bewildering excitement and confusion. If you wanted more meat, you could throw forbidden love and lust into the mix. (Say, if one of the “winners” gets some attention from the same/opposite sex of the guests, afterwards).
And what will other chancels and their members think of this frivolousness?Or the PCs own Imperator, if their Imperator is of the type to look her nose down on this?

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  1. Sorry about the multiple trackbacks; I guess there was a delay in display. If you can delete the excess, I’m all for it.
    Otherwise, a cool IRE. I’m looking forward to the next.

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