Lunchtime Poll 15: Creative Spellcasting

Ravings of a Textual Deviant � Lunchtime Poll #15: Off-Label Use
The uses of some things are fairly obvious, or so you�d think. Grappling hooks, fire extinguishers, blenders, and Magic Missile spells, for example, would seem to be fairly straightforward, one-use tools�but not always. What�s the best or most creative �off-label use� of a spell or item that you�ve seen?
I am going to highlight part of the incident that I mentioned in a previous Poll, the one where Marcus literally threw his sister Agacerie at Brand…

I mentioned in that entry about a “waterspout spell” but it really wasn’t quite that at all, although that was the effect.
The spell itself was designed as an offensive weapon, a pressurized gout of water to sweep away lesser foes and cause all sorts of havoc with enemy forces. But, with his mother’s life hanging in the balance, Marcus turned the spell into a waterspout, having it come up underneath his mother, so that it propelled her back over the lip of the Abyss, and to safety.

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