Evolution in a Kangaroo Court

The Panda’s Thumb: ID advocates set up Kangaroo Court in Kansas
(I may need a seperate Blog category for this sort of stuff).
Apparently, the Board of Education of the State of Kansas is set to put the Theory of Evolution “on trial”, basically giving proponents of Intelligent Design creationism an opportunity to show why it should be taught in schools as well.
Somehow, I don’t think this is going to be impartial and fair because the overwhelming preponderance of the evidence is for Evolution, not creation by Fiat. As Carl Sagan said so briefly and eloquently 25 years ago, Evolution is a Fact. It really happens.
Politics, however, looks set to try to trump Science once again.
Maybe the second episode of Cosmos should be required viewing for everyone. Its a bit dated but still a wonderful way to get the point across.