The Unexpected in SB

in the Shadow of Greatness: Lunchtime Poll 15 :: Off-Label Use
In Arref’s latest Lunchtime Poll answer to Li’s meme, he mentions:
In Strange Bedfellows, I expected an intimate scale game, with few reasons to think my sorceress character would be ever dealing with intense spells of large scale. So her ‘spellbook’ is full of quirky esoteric spells suited to drawing rooms and labs.
What I threw at her was something different…

Mystery, Dreams and Mayhem have become the by words of my game, although I didn’t plan it quite that way (besides the Mystery and Dreams part).
So where did the derring-do, the action, the intense conflicts all come from? I am not sure. I didn’t envision so much cinematic stuff in SB when I created the thing, back in the mists of time of 1996, but its turned out that way. Mystery and Dreams have conjoined with Mayhem. Arref relates Bhangbadea’s first encounter with the Omphalos, but his fight is but one of many in the game. From the battles between Jayson and Triton, to armies on the march in shadow, to chaos in Chaos, to Indiana Jones style action in Corwin’s realm, I’ve thrown a lot of that into the game.
It seems I’m pretty good at it. And I have a taste for it. Oh, there is plenty of personality conflicts, even romance, sex, intrigue and everything else. And I always want to find the next curveball to throw.