Blogging and my job at the Fed

Someone on one of the online forums of the Minneapolis Fed Intranet asked a question about Blogging and Bank Policies. Here is the question and the response.

I’m starting a blog about my life. This job is a significant part of my life. That said, I’ve read that a number of people have been canned for blogging about their employers. I know I wouldn’t be able to disclose Internal F.R. or more restricted information in a blog, but I want to know if there are any guidelines or policies in place. I want to exercise my right to free speech and expression, but I want to do it respectfully and without putting myself on the unemployment line. Please reply.
a: Employees are free to comment about the Bank so long as they comply with the Code of Conduct and other policies. But there is a significant difference between expressing thoughts in a journal or personal conversation, and putting them in the public domain of the internet. Ones responsibility and accountability increase significantly along with the consequence that poor judgment could jeopardize employment.