Time Puff Cover Story Piece on Ann Coulter

Time out – – MSNBC.com
I used to think she was funny, wrong-headed but funny, back in the days when I would watch her frequent appearances on Bill Maher’s show.
However, she passed from that, to loathing, in easy steps. Wishing McVeigh had blown up the NY Times Building in NYC instead of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. Writing books to try and rehabilitate Joe McCarthy, equating Liberalism with treason. Her quote about taking over countries in the Middle East and mass-converting populations to Christianity.
Such a person doesn’t deserve to be lauded with a Time cover story.

One thought on “Time Puff Cover Story Piece on Ann Coulter”

  1. I read the article, and I think most of this is more about a bid for attention than any deep-seated political beliefs. Perhaps her parents didn’t give her enough cookies as a child. She’s trying to create controversy for the sake of controversy and seeing her name in print, and as such, she isn’t even worth discussing. In fact, me responding to your post is doing nothing more than perpetuating her cause, although I did take care to not use her name. So there, that’s enough of that.

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