Exploding Toads?

Pharyngula::Exploding toads?
Via Pharyngula, apparently Hamburg, Germany is suffering from a rash of mysteriously exploding…toads.
Forteans must be having a field day with this, and I suspect someone like Kenneth Hite could make an RPG twist out of this sort of thing without breaking a sweat.

3 thoughts on “Exploding Toads?”

  1. Several Web sites claimed this was one of the signs of the impending Apocalypse
    BERLIN – Why are toads puffing up and spontaneously exploding in northern Europe? It began in a posh German neighborhood and has spread across the border into Denmark. It’s left onlookers baffled, but one German scientist studying the splattered amphibian remains now has a theory: Hungry crows may be pecking out their livers.
    Sorry. No Apocalypse this year.

  2. But..I am still useing it!
    ( Python Addict since 1980 )
    ( God I feel old )

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