IMC: Slavery

House of Cards GM Log: IMC: Slavery
Ginger mentions slavery in House of Cards in the link above. Arref kicks us off with a discussion of Slavery in his Amber.
The other half of the hivemind, Michael Croft, has a bit on a slave-Construct which turns on its owners, Spartacus.
There was also discussion of slavery in the Grand Affair game.
So with all of these resources and entries out there, I will add to the fray.

Slavery in Strange Bedfellows:
There is no institution of slavery in Amber. Transients can bring their slaves to Amber, but keeping them in residence is a bad idea. Slavery as an institution is not respected by the Royal Family or the peerage. The closest that Amber has to slavery is debt-peonage, and that has strict laws around the procedure (there is ~no~ inheritability for this, for instance)
Some might consider some of the conditions of Demons to be a slavery of a magical form. Some of the Great Houses engage in more traditional slave trading, too, of Black Circle inhabitants.
There have even been Houses which have used slave soldiers, janissaries. One such House, five millenia ago, during an attack on Amber revolted against their overlords, and as reward from Oberon were given the area that became the city of Rebma.