Lunchtime Poll 24: Sweet Spot

Ravings of a Textual Deviant � Lunchtime Poll 24: The Sweet Spot
Li asks:
A common complaint that GMs hear is that they�re unprepared. Another common complaint GMs hear is that they�ve overprepared. How�s a GM to know when she�s hit that sweet spot, and the level of preparation is Just Right?

Well, I admit freely that I have trouble hitting that sweet spot. Like Li, I often have too much plot for con games, and wind up either jettisoning it mid-route, or worse, have actually split a game into next year (Ad Astra) to accomodate the rest of the plot.
This year, I jettisoned a lot in TOTR: Royal Legacy because I only had three players. In my other two TOTR games, the players did it for me, moving with a single-mindness that sometimes scared the crap out of me. Side plots and problems never materialized thanks to the likes of Bridgette, Michael and Ginger on the case.