Oh, how my hometown has fallen

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Steve Gilliard’s article on the wrangling over the West Side Stadium on the one hand, and Ground Zero on the other, makes me sad for the City of New York.
To think I voted for Bloomberg in the last election (the last election I voted in, in New York). The West Side Stadium is a White Elephant, and indeed the money quote from Steve:
“Which is amazing. Bloomberg has spent so much energy on a pointless stadium, a football stadium for a team with sold out tickets for the next decade, that he has forgotten that he works near an open pit.”
Indeed. At least he took away the fences from around City Hall that Guiliani put up that led me to keep dubbing it “Festung Guiliani”

One thought on “Oh, how my hometown has fallen”

  1. Bloomberg pushed to get the smoking ban in NYC bars/clubs/restaurants, so for that I shall be forever grateful to him.
    The rest of it makes me glad I don’t live in the city. And I’m definitely hoping that the whole stadium thing fails bigtime (which then has the added bonus of NOT bringing the Olympics to NYC).

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