A Feast For Crows!

SFSignal: A Feast For Crows is Done! Really this Time!
From SFSignal, we find that the long delayed Feast For Crows has finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel.
It emerges that the manuscript for it got so long, that Martin rearranged and cut and changed things so that FFC focuses on one part of Westeros, while his next book will focus on the next. That next book, natch, is already partially written. Of course, this means there will likely be at least seven, rather than six books.
Unless, of course, the next volume gets too long as well.

2 thoughts on “A Feast For Crows!”

  1. Obivous comment:
    I am starting to get worried. If Martin is not careful he will turn into a new Robert Jordan. *shudder*

  2. Do not worry Olof .
    Marin is just starting to warm up.
    He is building a powerful plot that is
    just beginning to materialize.
    He is not going to disappoint you?

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