Dover Court Battle over Intelligent Design

Court battle opens over teaching ‘intelligent design’
As you no doubt have seen elsewhere, today begins a court case in the Dover Area School District of Pennsylvania over Intelligent Design. Eight families are suing the district, under the premise that including intelligent design in the classroom is a violation of the seperation of church and state.

Dover is believed to be the first school system in the nation to require students be exposed to the intelligent design concept, under a policy adopted by a 6-3 vote in October 2004.
It requires teachers to read a statement that says intelligent design differs from Darwin’s view and refers students to an intelligent-design textbook, “Of Pandas and People,” for more information.

Some might think this is harmless, but I think its creepy. Even if religious grounds were not good enough, its a waste of classroom time and resources.
Intelligent Design is a fancy way of saying “Goddiit” and that is not science and does not belong in the science part of a curriculum.
I’m willing to argue and concede that, in Western Studies, and most certainly, Theology, a text or information on ID would be quite appropriate.
A High School Biology course is not appropriate.

One thought on “Dover Court Battle over Intelligent Design”

  1. My opinion is that if they’re going to be teaching Intelligent Design or the Christian creation theory, they ought to, for example, teach the Greek/Roman version as well, complete with Titans and parents swollowing their own children. Because back then, that’s how the major religion of the time insisted the world had been created. It’s a creation mythology, as is Creationism. Every religion has one.
    How will we ever know the truth of the Big Bang? Since the cockroaches don’t really want to say and nobody else was around then, I guess we just have to wait, and wonder, and theorize all around.

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