SFSignal: I Am A Leaf On The Wind Or, Review: Serenity
The SF Site Featured Review: Serenity
Reviews of Serenity are starting to hit the ‘Verse, so to speak. I myself saw it opening (last) night.

Go. See. It.
A triple length episode of Firefly (although Steven Silver disputes that idea, and he has a point), the movie is, on the whole, a piece of art, a 2 hour return to the ‘Verse, Core planets and outer edge backwaters, Alliance and Reavers.
I saw it with a co-worker unfamiliar with the Firefly universe, which was useful in talking afterwards how the movie looks to someone who doesn’t know the difference between Captain Reynolds and Captain Kirk.
He liked it plenty fine.
My co-worker picked up most of the essentials, even if he thought Inara, once introduced, was Mal’s ex-girlfriend.
The movie is darker than the series by a good long way. Whedon shows a willingness to have bad things happen to characters we love.
Whedon doesn’t change the look of the movie from the series much, one reason why this movie did not cost $200 million. There is eye candy, though, and the movie is slanted toward action-adventure. However, my companion was amazed at the well developed character comedy, a hallmark of the series.
A few missteps feel wrong in the movie to me, but overall the experience was highly positive, and I am tempted, time permitting, to enjoy it again on the big screen. For a 5 PM movie on a Friday, the theater was remarkably full.
Non Fans of the series, but fans of the genre, should enjoy a SF movie which is not Star Wars XV and has characters who are far more than cutboard cutouts and speak intelligent dialogue. Ironically, I think the movie will be harder on ardent fans than on newcomers to the ‘Verse, for reasons that a viewing will make perfectly clear.
Highly Recommended.