Mars will be spectacular this weekend, really – Skywatchers await Mars close-up – Oct 27, 2005
I’ve seen a variation on the “Mars will be spectacular soon.” meme float around emails for some time. This has been inaccurate, a leftover from 2003 when it really was bright and spectacular.
This weekend, Saturday to be precise, Mars will be a relative maximum in brightness and relatively close–although, again, not as close as in 2003.
I hope the skies are clear Saturday Night. The closest approach will be at 11:25 PM EDT. (So, 10:30 for us here in the Midwest).
UPDATE: This morning, at 5 am, as I walked out to my car to go to work, what should I see, not far away from Orion, but the bright red dot of Mars. I wished I had my binoculars handy, for it really did blaze in its portion of the sky, to the exclusion of everything else. The reddish glow was definitely evident.

One thought on “Mars will be spectacular this weekend, really”

  1. I’ll have to pop outside at night and take a look.
    The best Mars emails were the ones that said the planet would be as big as the moon. I think we’d be in some serious trouble if it was.

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