Book Reviews 2005 (51)

Our next book is a sequel to Ill Wind, Book number 39 of this year.
The second volume of Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden Series, Heat Stroke.

Heat Stroke (Weather Warden)
Sequel to Illwind, Heat Stroke picks up where the last left off, with Joanne Baldwin coming to terms with an unexpected second act of life, so to speak.
She doesn’t get much time to enjoy it, as a strange storm up in the aetheric plane, politics and power plays among the Djinn and the Wardens, and other foes complicate Joanne’s new life immensely.
I still think, as I did the first, that my friend Deb could very well write the story of Joanne Baldwin. While I prefer a little more crunch and more questions answered about the set-up, I was entertained well enough. I even pulled a quote from the book that I set into a livejournal entry discussing the theory of what women want in a man, generating some discussion amongst my friends.
I wouldn’t read Heat Stroke without reading Ill Wind first, but I think fans of the first in the series will not be disappointed in the second
Recommended, for those who have read and enjoyed Ill Wind.