The Seventh Seal No,

The Seventh Seal

No, not the movie. My friend Felicia Olson told me that she picked up a new RPG of the same name. From what it looks to me, it looks like
it is a human-oriented apocalyptic version of In Nomine with maybe some Hunter (which I have not seen) thrown in. As she told me about it, I
looked online, and found a review of it on rpg.netand also the website of the company.

I’m at a stage where I need a new RPG book to digest and enjoy. It’s a craving not quite as intense as my unquenchable one for books, but my craving for RPG books exists all the same. The last one I bought (Exalted) was back in May, which very nearly may be a record for me. Lots and lots of choices, too, that might get my gaming dollar from GURPS Mars to Space 1889 (back in print!) to even the new WOD line, Demon. Although I did like Exalted enough to consider getting another of that line, like Dragon-Blooded, or the Lunars Book. Other possible choices even include exotica like the Dying Earth RPG and Sorcerer.

Why not Nobilis, you might ask, since I’ve talked about it and practically drooled over the concept? Well, a birdie told me that a friend of mine has decided to be overly generous and send me a copy. Unfortunately, amazon is not being very cooperative or quick with the shipping. It was intended as a birthday present…that I might not get until Christmas at this rate!