Book Reviews 2006 (2)

Our second book of the year is another light read, A Brother’s Price by Wen Spencer

A Brother’s Price
I enjoyed Tinker, by Wen Spencer last year, and so I picked this up sometime thereafter. A Brother’s Price is ostensibly science fiction, but it has many of the trappings of a romance novel, once you get used to the premise.
In a world where males are rarely born, they’ve become a commodity-traded and sold like property. Jerin Whistler has come of age for marriage and his handsome features have come to the attention of the royal princesses. But such attentions can be dangerous-especially as Jerin uncovers the dark mysteries the royal family is hiding.
Its not a simple role reversal, with women in charge and men not, not with the skewed population dynamics. Spencer has thought through many of the implications, far beyond men being treated as what our world would be called “effeminiate.” The writing is smooth and the characters are decently drawn. Its not a world-changing book, many of the plot twists I guessed before they were unleashed, but I certainly enjoyed it.