Use of Shadow in ADRPG games

Behind the Scenes: I’m just wondering…
Karen, at our fellow blog here at asks about the use of shadow by PCs in Amber games, specifically about route taking in shadow and asks for thoughts.

It depends.
How much skill does the PC have in shifting shadow? How much practice, how much ability? And is the destination important, or is the journey. If the journey is important from a narr point of view, the GM probably should take more of the control of the details of the journey. I think many players assume that this is always the case, and that’s why description of shadow journeys are plopped into the GMs hands by many players.
If its only the destination which counts, and the PC could be reasonably be seen to have creative control over the journey, then the player should be encouraged to do the trip themselves, if they prefer. Or at least a collaborative approach.