Game IRE #25 : Mardi Gras

I did Ash Wednesday in a previous Game IRE (Number 11) , but this time, we’ll go to the other side of the divide, and tackle Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Carnival.

The controversy in New Orleans over holding Mardi Gras festivities is the inspiration for my own take on it.I want to run this as a Nobilis game, although I bet you could do this with another system besides Nobilis if you wanted. Dogs in the Chancel, anyone?
Let’s say that the Power of Revels decides to hold a gala to celebrate Mardi Gras in her chancel. The characters are invited, of course, being Powers worth the respect.
Its when they get to the party that the social conflict and interaction come into play. Have the Power of Sobriety and Temperance show up, or if I really wanted to get topical, the Power of Water, coming to protest holding such a celebration in the recent wake of the disaster in New Orleans, a disaster that the Power of Revels did nothing to alleviate or prevent. Characters will be forced to choose sides, and there might even be a duel or some other sort of contest to settle the matter between the Dionysian and Apollonian forces. I could see this conflict opening up a lot of cans of worms among the Powers there, and it will be impossible for any of the attendees to remain neutral, the PCs included.

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