Amber Characters patterning

in the Shadow of Greatness: What kind of Amber PCs do you play?
So what kind of characters do I play? Maybe you can spot the theme…
Arref asks, as hooked from the Masters’ Council:

Cadmus, my PC in Deb Allen’s A Common Disaster. Doesn’t know his parentage, aware that he’s a pawn of forces beyond his control. Young, enthusiastic, explorative, highly respectful of others and their boundaries. Helpful. Very much a heart character.
Marcus, my PC in Bridgette’s Age of Retribution. He’s the oldest of my PCs in several senses, including age within the game. He represents competence, seeing his abilities as a toolkit.
Diomedes, in Jim and Karen’s Chain of Assumptions is my Brand kid. For all that he’s a redhead, he has a personal sense of honor, and definitely doesn’t like those who exploit others. My sense of protectionist is definitely in him. And like the other two, he has sorcerous abilities as well, and confident in their use.
Harold Decuma Maun, in Galactic Renaissance, is one of two candidates to the Dukedom of a planet. A ladies man, but one with strong empathy, so much that his hurting of people through his actions rebounds on him ten fold. (Yet another trait in common with me…)
Merivel Belmore is a doctor in the Game of Thrones world of Winter Chills. A Maester (big surprise there, eh) with medicinal skills and a pained past regarding his father.
There are some minors/less frequently seen PCs, many of them NPCs in various games.
Tynan MacCarter, a technophilic trump artist willing to use his technology to assist…and to harvest information from his cousins as needed.
Delwin of Syene, the Lord of Night, the partner to his sister Sand, sexy, powerful, dangerous.
Laertes of Rebma, a descendant of Lir, and therefore able to walk the Pattern in Thy Kingdom Come. And once he did that, inadvertently, it was only the beginning of his troubles. Trump Artist.
Hadrian of DuMarque, a Trump Artist with a Wyvernet companion. Dreamy, artistic, friendly, explorative.
Archard of the Empire of the Gleaming Banner. A Dreamer, too, and a loyal son of the Empire.
Scipio, son of Flora. Flirtatious, political, and charming, a womanizer and social animal of the first rank.
Lucien, a gambling son of Random, and a Trump Artist. A freewheeler in the mold of his dad.
Tannim, a dragon-descended Chaosian who travelled from the Courts to Amber and back again in search of the consequences of his heritage.
Aram, an Astromancer son of Eric who considered himself old enough and confident enough to both argue a point with Random over leading an expedition, as well as letting a more aggressive PC take point when needed.

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