3 thoughts on “Dan Simmons’ May Message”

  1. I think Dan explained himself pretty well. It was a piece of fiction and had anyone kept up with the books that Dan was reading at the time it made complete sense. The facts that seemed to play out and “seemed” to touch reality were what made it such a good fictional read!

  2. A good fictional read? Are you insaine? That fetid peice of tripe is one of the worst things I have had to endure reading in a long while. And his two page explanation/clarification is such a serious back-pedal that would make a Washington politician envious. He doesn’t call it Sci-fi (or skiffy) but Speculative fiction becasue it disturbs. Well on that I agree. He definately is disturbed, should seek serious psychiatric help as soon as possible. Honestly what was the point of the story? The “time-traveller” comes back to do… what? Change the past? We get a few clap-trap lines about how it cant be done. Warn his Grandfather? Again a few lines of what cant be changed. So if nothing can be changed why the heck would someone spend the time to go back in time? Just to say.. Ha! I told you so? Look at what you have done or failed to do? Childish and puerile.
    A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens in 1843 has more time travel and SF in it that polemic. All it is a thinly disguised personal opinion in a failed Ellison-esq writing style.

  3. Dan’s message which was fictional moved around the blogsphere like wildfire because it made people think! I suppose though, that the ones that it really “got it” were the ones that also see what is going on in the world today in the name of Islam and Allah! For those that look the other way or choose to ignore what is really going on…yeah, they wouldn’t have enjoyed the read at all! LOL

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