One more time, I know its a drumbeat, and you’ve seen it elsewhere, but I will use uncharacteristic brevity.
Torture, the suspension of Habeas Corpus, and the other things in the passed legislation, is wrong, even for our worst enemies. I don’t care about ticking time bombs. I don’t care about supposed threats to all Civilization. Its wrong, it drags us to the level of petty dictatorship.
Sure, if someone I loved was held by terrorists, I would do anything to make them safe. But I would expect that what I would do would be illegal, and I would go to jail afterwards, proudly. I do NOT want torture and the other things in this bill to be approved policy. I want America to be a better nation than that, even to terrorists who want me dead and could have very easily killed my brother, who lost a co worker who arrived early for work at the WTC.
Making Light has a good list of people who feel the same way that I do. And many of them are far more talented than I, and can and do explain much more eloquently just what is wrong with our country.