Chaosians and the Logrus

Arref asks:
“To Logrus or Not to Logrus”
Much of what Arref says makes sense and dovetails with what I do, and think.
I have a couple of other thoughts.

Side effects of having the Logrus.
I’ve had good luck in playing up Logrus Madness and consequences of walking the Logrus, and it contrasts well when not every character has Logrus. Ordinary Pattern is pretty dull unless played well, I avoid Ordinary Logrus by having unusual Logrus objects, or idiosyncracies in Logrus Madness, or the like.
Also, I also play up the danger of walking the Logrus. It is a non-trivial act. Many people die or are permanently and irretrievable insane in a Logrus walk. While it helps with political and other ambitions, it is rational for some characters to put off attempting the Logrus. There are plenty of other things to specialize in and do very well in, and surprise one’s opponents and foes with.
On the other hand, though, I also play up the consequences of a House rejecting the Logrus entirely, with the exiled heretical Lessimans.