US Military considers foreign recruits

A U.S. military ‘at its breaking point’ considers foreign recruits – Americas – International Herald Tribune
Does no one read the history of the Roman empire anymore? This is a really bad idea, especially when the new legions decide that the President can be made or unmade in places other than the ballot box. Its a policy of grasping at straws and for that reason alone it is dangerous.

One thought on “US Military considers foreign recruits”

  1. As anyone who served in the armed forces can tell you, one of the basic principles of the military is the vigorous troop rotation of personnel in units.
    Prior to the current, albeit botched military campaign, The U.S. Army had strict policies against “homesteading”. After a certain period of time, you had to move to a different base, different unit, and often-different part of the world. This constant mixing has many benefits. People and units don’t become stagnant. Ideas, tricks, tips get shared and spread around. But the homogeneity is designed primarily so that units don’t become too self-absorbed. This is, understandably, not imposed upon National Guard and reserve units, but regular active duty units always and constantly rotate.
    While I am not initially opposed to the idea of foreign troops serving in the military, I know that, unlike the Romans, there wont be whole units of mercenaries (often used as shock troops). America has a huge problem with undocumented aliens (illegal). But military service as a path to citizenship? I’m all for it.

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