Football Predictions for the 2006 Playoffs

My brother asked for them, so I will deliver.
My predictions for the 2006 NFL Playoffs

The NFC is wide open.
The Bears certainly look beatable even as the #1 seed, and the rest of the teams each have weaknesses, from the Saints all the way down to the Giants. This year’s NFC representative could be a matter of blind luck and a hot streak than consistency.
So I am going to go on a limb, and say that the Eagles will beat the Giants, go into New Orleans and knock off the Saints and then upset the Bears (who will squash the Cowboys-beating Seahawks) to get to the Super Bowl.
The AFC has a surplus of decent teams, but again, all of these teams can be had for one reason or another.
I hate to do it, but I am going to go with coaching. I can’t pick San Diego or the Indianapolis “Paul could run for a 100 yards in a game on them” Colts.
So I see the Patriots knocking off the Jets and the Colts surviving the Chiefs. In the divisional playoffs, the Chargers will shut down the Patsies, and the Ravens will beat the Colts. In the Championship game, the Ravens will exploit Schottenheimer’s Curse and use it to propel themselves to their second Super Bowl.
I think we’re in for another low scoring game between the Eagles and the Ravens.
The Bird Bowl will go to the Ravens, 24-17